The Hummingbird is an innovative project designed and manufactured by Hummingbird Industria Aeronautica and distributed in North America by Helicopters International, LLC.

Built with 6061-T6 and 7075-Tb aluminium. Other components are stainless steel and include tubes, plates, nuts and bolts. The Hummingbird comes with a seat tank capacity of 10 gallons along with the option to use an extra 8 gallon tank that extends the flight time to approximately 2.5 hours of enjoyable flight time.

Each model has shock-absorbing landing gear with the option to remove the wheel fairings and use larger tires for grass/rough-field surface takeoffs and landings.

The Hummingbird is a custom, friendly flying machine that has been designed for ease of maintenance, and efficient use of hangar space. Its construction is very compact and lightweight making it easy to store and transport. The 8.4 meter main rotor blades are build with extruded 6005A-T6 aluminum.

The Hummingbird is one of the most affordable gyroplane in its class, and it offers innovative design features, which make it stand out from its competitors. Its flight characteristics make it easy to fly and offers the pilot a breathtaking experience. Dual controls are standard equipment and allow you to use them for instructional purposes if desired.

Technical Specifications - Hummingbird H2

All specifications are in calm wind in staight and level flight.

Empty Weight 529 lbs
Payload 615 lbs
Max. GTOW 1,102 lbs
Fuel Consumption 7.2 gal/h
Fuel Type Regular Premimum Autogas
Fuel System Fuel Injection
Fuel Tank Capacity 10 gal standard. (8 gal optional)
Airframe All airframe components are made from aircraft grade aluminum or stainless steel
Propeller Made of composite
Propeller Diameter ???
Rotor Extruded aluminium Rotor blade
Rotor Diameter ???
Rotor Chord ???
Engine Type Rotax 912ULS, 914
Power 100/115 hp
Maximum Speed 90 mph
Minimum Speed 35 km/h; 22 mph
Cruise Speed 70-80 mph
Maximum Altitude 10,000 ft
Takeoff Roll 100 - 500 ft
Endurance 2.5 hours
Engine TBO 2,000 hours

Operating Costs

Fuel @ $3.00 per gallon and 4.0 gph for average use $12.00
Oil $1.10
Periodic Inspections, Labor @ $90 per hour $10.00


Assume one air mile (straight line path) equals 1.5 road miles, and assume an average cruise speed of 93 miles per hour with a cruise fuel consumption of 4 gph.

($53.33 + $21.10) ÷ 93 ÷ 1.5 = .53¢ per road mile

The above estimates are approximate and will vary based on use, maintenance, flight conditions and prices. The information provided is for comparison only and not guaranteed. Prices quoted are subject to change at any time without notice. Costs for transporation, shipping and local taxes are not included.

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